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Boom Kinetic

Their use of multitrack vocals is especially well-done, creating a pleasing chorus of voices without resorting to that bane of modern music, the autotuner.

As a fan of old-school keyboard work, I especially appreciated their use of classic synthesizers throughout. The synths are integrated well into the songs, often providing nice melodic counterpoint, without ever being overwhelming. There's also just a hint of chiptune from time to time, making sure they have one foot in the modern era as well,  such as the lead-in Ordinary People. This is one of their standout singles, mildly evocative of Duran Duran, and worthy of radio play in any major market.

Other songs, such as Velvet Curtain and Should Have Known Better have a vibe like Peter Gabriel's solo work, complete with a child-like chorus of voices and mildly ethnic-sounding percussion backing up their crooning lead singer. Really, nearly all of their songs standouts - upbeat, positive, and just plain entertaining.

Boom Kinetic won't expand your mind or broaden any musical horizons, but for straight up fun, catchy pop, they really hit the spot.

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