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Our fourth album, Window Dressing, is a concept album about how things aren't always as they appear.  The song cycle travels from the simplicity of youth to the complexities of relationships and modern society.  During the songwriting process I was reading "Owl at Home" by Arnold Lobel to my 6-year old daughter.  The book has five separate stories but she would always ask me to read "Tear-Water Tea" over & over.

Owl thinks of things that make him sad and he collects his tears in a tea pot.  Once filled, he boils the "water" and makes tea.  The concept illustrated to me the bittersweet nature of life and the potential lessons learned through contemplation, awareness of ourselves and even sadness.  I was genuinely moved and inspired by this story and wrote a song entitled, not-surprisingly, "Tear-Water Tea."  The concept fit the Window Dressing song cycle so I challenged myself to write lyrics in the spirit of the story: embracing simple truths wherever they might be, even in a book for children.  I admit it wasn't easy, nor am I entirely sure how successful I was.  But of the sixty or so songs I've written "Tear-Water Tea" remains my favorite.


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