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70's London Punk Teen Angst Plus Aliens

How to talk to girls at parties promises to be a fun movie but it's the soundtrack that has us counting the days til May 11. Out now is an advance track from beloved indie-darlings, Mitski and Xiu Xiu called Between the Breaths.

John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), directs How To Talk To Girls At Parties, based on the short story by Neil Gaiman (American Gods, Norse Mythology). The film opens May 25, 2018.

The movie takes place in 1977 London. A shy suburban London teen named Enn sneaks out with his friends to late noght punk parties. They encounter a weird group of sexy teenagers who act like they are from another planet. Just another Saturday night in the punk old days. But these kids really are from another planet, come to Earth Earth to complete a mysterious rite of passage. 

Their Sci-fi Rumspringa doesn't stop Enn from falling madly in love with hot alien Zan (Elle Fanning) who, despite her loyalty to her strange colony, is naturally attracted to Enn. Together they drop down the rabbit hole of the punk rock scene of 1970s London, triggering events that lead to the inevitable clash of punks vs. aliens. West Side Story with spikey hair, spaceships, and for some reason an abundance of latex.

Sony Music Masterworks has announced the release of the awesome soundtrack, arriving at all music retailers and streaming services on Friday, May 11

The album includes new music and songs composed expressly for the film by such strikingly unique artists as Nico Muhly, Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), and Matmos. There are original songs performed by the film's fictional punk band, The Dyschords, written by Bryan Weller and vocalist Martin Tomlinson, alongside additional new music from the film performed by writer-director John Cameron Mitchell, cabaret legend Amber Martin, and How To Talk To Girls At Parties stars Elle Fanning and Alex Sharp. The soundtrack also gathers landmark tracks from such iconic artists as The Velvet Underground, The Damned, A.C. Newman, Ezra Furmanand, and the Prolific Urdoos.

Track List

1. New Rose – The Damned
2. Planned Adolescence – The Dyschords
3. Angry Universe – A.C. Newman
4. Communion – The Dyschords
5. Extraction – Dyslexic Cnuts
6. Fuck All – The Dyschords
7. Going Straight – Xiu Xiu
8. Single – The Dyschords
9. Climb Over Me – The Dyschords
10. Rainy Life – Ezra Furman
11. Bermuda – Amber Martin
12. I Found A Reason (2015 Remastered) – The Velvet Underground
13. Nursery Chymes – Prolific Urdoos
14. Nobody's Baby – Martin Tomlinson / Bryan Weller
15. Requiem – Nico Muhly 
16. The Body Celestial – Matmos 
17. Flecken – Matmos
18. Eat Me Alive – Xiu Xiu
19. Between the Breaths – Xiu Xiu / Mitski

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