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Be On My Own - Tessa Ying

These are exciting times for the music industry, with new opportunities for anyone with skill and talent, no matter who they are or where in the world they're located. Music production has become truly democratized, and this is perfectly illustrated by the already-impressive career of Tessa Ying. This Singaporean-born and educated, Boston-based Jill-of-all-trades is making waves as a songwriter, musician, engineer, and producer, skills she shows off in her new single Be On My Own.

Be On My Own is pure smooth chillout EDM, driven by catchy pizzicato synth lines like fizzy bubbles rising to the top of the track. Ying's own strong vocals are powerful enough to captivate, while having enough throatiness to add an extra emotional dimension to her delivery. Add in some excellent use of drum lines and the obligatory beat drop, and it comes together as a polished piece of EDM pop.

This is something of a departure for Ying, whose previous two EPs - Mayhem (2018) and JokerPoker (2020) were significantly more experimental, dark and moody mashups of dubstep and D&B with few vocals. They were albums that felt more designed to be sampled, rather than listened to, but still showed off impressive creativity and technical acumen. It seems natural that Ying would look towards producing more mainstream fare, suitable for dance floors.

Production seems to be where Ying's heart is at. Alongside her own solo efforts, she's been establishing herself as a one-woman production house. Her first major success came from the song Pet Names (2019) from Elisabeth Waters, a well-reviewed throwback jazz crooner with modern R&B style production. Ying proved a good match for Waters' smooth vocals, crafting a track that was classic and modern at once.

At only 26 years old, Tessa Ying has only begun her career - but it seems like it could last for many years to come. In the meantime, check out Be On My Own for a glimpse of her future.



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