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Up And Coming Indie Artists

Up and coming indie artists

We're always looking for the best in new indie acts.  Not every artist will succeed - but there's plenty who should!  If you're looking for something a little new and different, here are a few new acts you should look into.  They might be everywhere in a few years.

Sam Eagle (Featured Single: Funkenheim)

When it comes to sheer talent, Sam Eagle truly impresses.  This young man from Essex is barely in his twenties, but he's already an accomplished multi-instrumentalist who produces his works almost totally solo.  Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, he really does it all - and topped off by a smooth soulful voice.  He even directs his own music videos, such as this genuinely impressive faked one-take video for his ultra-groovy Funkenheim.

Sam Eagle is the proverbial full package, and we're expecting great things from him.

The Den (Featured Single: Phases)

Hailing from Alberta, The Den are a deliberately throwback smooth indie band who immediately impress with their smooth grooves and gorgeous lead vocals from Mollie Wassenaar.  Their sound is unapologetically 90s and brings to mind many of the great singer-songwriters from that era, but with beefed up instrumentation and a modern mindset.  They formed in 2017, and released their first full-length album, Motions, in August 2021.

Shanghai Treason (Featured Single: Devil's Basement)

Rising stars of the Celtic Punk scene - which is totally a thing - Shanghai Treason are a breath of fresh air in a hard-rock scene that feels increasingly stale.  Putting accoustic instruments and traditional Celtic rhythms front and center gives them a bit of a classic Flogging Molly vibe, while mixing in some Buzzcocks (who they've opened for) and other classic punk, backing it up with hard drums and guitars.  The result is a heady mix of styles that hits hard, without feeling oppressive.  Their self-titled debut album is due to drop later this year.

The band are also quite socially conscious, spending much of 2020 doing gigs for homeless charities - so you can feel good about supporting these great up-and-comers.

Stables  (Featured Single: Marathon)

What happens if you cross fun. with the Beach Boys?  It might sound a bit like Stables.  This smooth indie-rock duo from London immediately impresses with their lush, longing vocal harmonies and production that mixes elements of acoustic and electric.  They've also got a real sense of humor about themselves, as evidenced by their silly obviously-greenscreened video for Marathon.  They've released two full albums since their 2016 debut, and continue to gain fans around the world.

They also roast their own coffee, and if you happen to see them at one of their many live shows or festival appearances, you might score a custom blend.

Otakusuite (Featured Single: Chicken Caravan Deluxe)

Prog-jazz isn't dead, although if the aptly named Otakusuite is anything to go by, it's still pretty nerdy - and bless them for it!  This instrumental trio out of Pisa, Italy, play an impressive mix of prog, jazz, stoner improv, and psychedelia which shows there's still room for intelligent and exciting instrumental tracks in the modern music scene.  Their musicianship is already impressive, with very little of the rambling often associated with prog or fusion, and their debut 2020 album "Eggs" is a seriously fun trip - in more ways than one.

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