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Important Indie Artists To Watch

Mookie + The Bab

For a British band, Mookie + The Bab capture the sound of the American Southwest like few others we've heard in a long time.  This all-acoustic alt-folk group is inspired by environmental issues such as climate change and desertification, giving their songs a yearning quality.  Gorgeous vocals from lead singer Abi mix well with her fellow band members providing layered harmonies, and the occasional bit of trumpet gives their music extra flavor.  This is music to groove to while sipping whiskey and thinking about the good ol' days, and is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys classic bluegrass.


Raccoon Lagoon

Laid back and smoother than tapioca pearls floating in a cold tea, Raccoon Lagoon reminds us of simpler times.  This solo project from Amsterdam-native Petya Bouianov is heavily inspired by music of the 60s, with ethereal guitars and a bit of a surf rock vibe, while still featuring modern production.  His entire 2020 album Free Candy is, as the name suggests, a sweet treat - and seems to be begging to be discovered by indie filmmakers looking to set a mood.  If you need music to help you drift away from the downers of current life, take a trip to the Raccoon Lagoon.


Weekend Recovery

With several years active on the indie scene, female-led Weekend Recovery really should be getting more attention.  This high-energy 80s post-punk throwback brings tight riffs and rocking choruses, with an overall vibe that brings to mind groups like The Runaways and The Bangles. It's stripped down laser-focused grrrl power rock like we rarely see any more. However, don't mistake them for a novelty act - lead singer Lori has some serious pipes, that she shows off on tracks like "New Tattoo."  Weekend Recovery is the real deal. 

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