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We write articles and music reviews about indie acts. It's free, traditional editorial coverage, not "pay-to-play".

The first step is to get on one of our playlists. Our curators choose the music we like and will contact you by email and social if your song is selected.


If selected for our playlist you'll receive an email from us. We might ask you for further information leading up to some editorial coverage.

Get your press materials ready. You'll need a couple of high resolution photos, a written bio of the act, and music links.

Use your social presence to promote our playlist with @roundmagazine and #FoundByRound. This makes us more aware of your act and more likely to publish editorial content about you.

Songwriter Stories

Get on this page. The quickest and surest way to get editorial coverage on `Round is to send us a songwriter story that you or your publicist wrote. We want want to know the inspiration for your song and the deeper meaning. Or you can tell us an interesting story about the recording and production, or a tour anecdote. Just make sure it's unique and exclusive to `Round.

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