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The stories behind some of the songs from our recent album Deep End Of Down:

Disillusion - The opening track was written about the moment of realization that the end of a relationship may be inevitable no matter how much you wish you could fix it. Maybe it is giving up or maybe it is finally seeing the truth. Either way, it becomes a fight just to keep the sour taste out of your life.

Autumn - The idea of the seasonal changes coinciding with the changes in life is one that sticks with me. Cold is cold and hot is hot. I still think Marilyn Monroe and James Dean will never be outdone. Still, I think of hope in never finding anyone lost on a road their clouded mind may have created. I wrote this song with that in mind.

Nothing Short of Giving In - We recorded and released a five song demo called Nothing Short of Giving In. One night, I wanted to expand on that idea in a song and this is what came out. To be thrown to the wild away from what you may know as bland and the everyday is something I wish I could live in. Whether it's yourself or another person who brings this out in you doesn't really matter as long as you get there. This was one of the first songs we finished for the album.

The City - I was working in a hospital. I was tired of walking through the ghetto. I listened to old funk nonstop at the time. The music scene in New York was hitting me hard or the lack of one. It made me realize that New York's music scene has jaded qualities to it as if business is here while creativity and substance is elsewhere. The two completely separate experiences of working in the hospital and my own dissatisfaction with the music scene in New York City created this mixture of words I wrote blending perfectly with a guitar riff I always played when I was just too frustrated to care about anything anymore. I wrote this song out of frustration.

Deep End Of Down was written in two phases consisting of songs I was writing after the release of our first 2010 demo Nothing Short Of Giving In and songs I wrote during the breakup of a relationship in the fall and winter of the following year. This is the first time we focused less on playing guitar riffs and more using the writing process to get out of our heads which we were so stuck in at the time. It's an emotional album that helped me move forward in decisions I was making at the time.

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