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This song found me when I was sitting there strumming the chords I had just come up with and asked myself what I thought it sounded like, what it made me think of, what it made me feel. “Tragedy” was the word that popped into my head.
I immediately looked up the definition, though I already knew what it meant, and used that as the structure. I wanted to take the definition and create examples of the feelings that might come with dealing with and working through a “Tragedy.” I wanted to set scenes and paint pictures of loss and struggle. This song comes with a heavy dose of reality and no happy ending but it does come with the knowledge that you are not alone.
Tragedy finds and strikes us all in life. I had a thought at some point too that this would be setup, storyline wise, as a prequel to my first single “Burn This House Down,” from my last LP, “Things I Need To Say.” It would be the “Tragedy” that leads up to the inevitable end of things. I wouldn’t say I’m completely set on that now but it did help in bringing this song to life.
Having that extra added inspiration can aid in making it personal and really drives and embeds the intended emotion into the song and you never want to spare the emotion when it comes to your art. It was important to me to keep this song true to the word, broad for an audience, but also to include some personal feelings from the time.
The line “can’t love nobody if you don’t love you” was really where I was when I wrote this. I was on a very necessary self-love journey at the time and that line really needed to be there for me and for others who we all know feel that way from time to time. Just like most of my songs the music and all the processes that come with it are personal and therapeutic. This song and the record it’s a part of are no different.

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