Millennials Kyoto Hotel

The 'capsule hotel' concept has been around for a while in Japan. The new MILLENNIALS KYOTO is taking it to the next level with a lobby that also functions as a co-working space. Social spaces and integrated technology within the real of 'semi-luxury' aims to deliver a quirky Japanese experience.

With 150 multi-functional capsules on four floors, the hotel lets guests control most things from an iPod Touch provided at check-in. Adjust air flow, mattress angle, lighting, and optional projectors. There is a silent wake-up system that gradually increases the lighting while raising your mattress to a sitting position… allowing guests in nearby pods to sleep undisturbed.

Guests who choose a projector equipped pod can connect their favorite device to enjoy programming in their own personal theater. Luggage can be locked under-bed, and there are private shower booths on each floor.

The lobby area includes a common kitchen for guests to prepare simple meals. The open lobby encourages interaction between guests, and has a happy hour with endless free beer every day from 5:30-6:30.

“Our goal with THE MILLENNIALS is to go beyond what people have come to expect from this type of hotel, and create a new option for today’s customer who wants both affordability and style” says Takeshi Yamasaki, CEO of Global Agents, the developer of the hotel. The firm plans to open another branch in Tokyo's trendy Shibuya ddistrict in 2018.

Richard Goeb

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